Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where have you been???

I logged in for the first time in a long time today only to realize that I've not posted since May.  On one hand, it's hard to believe, but on the other, I know everything that's happened this year.  I've been lucky enough to have quite a few people ask me where I've been these past seven months (it means you were actually reading this!) and I'm blessed to have so many people who care!

In as short of an explanation as possible, 2011 sucked.  It absolutely, positively was brutal.  The spirit of this blog was happiness in the face of adversity and to be honest (as I've promised to be) I did not have the capacity to be happy for most of those months.  The thought of finding something to even attempt to be happy about and share with you all made me want to crawl deeper under the covers.  When I found happy moments - let's be honest, of course I did - I just wanted to live them. 

Lucky for me - and maybe you - I'm back!  2012 is on the horizon and hubs and I have so much change coming for us. 

First off, he is headed back to school!  After two and a half years of being laid off/unemployed, he made the decision to recommit himself to being a student and is heading into our local community college to begin their Pre-Engineering Program.  He has high aspirations and I have all the faith in the world that this is the path he was meant to be on.  (Take it from a girl who has to physically remove the remote from his hands to stop the constant barrage of Discovery, Nat Geo, History Channel, etc., etc.) This is gonna be awesome!

Second on the list of "most awesome" new beginnings - I'm making the switch from Account Service to Public Relations.  It took a post from my favorite Red-Headed Blogger (read it here) to finally propel me into action, but she inspired me to reevaluate myself and find my "higher banana". 

For those who don't want to read it all - here's my favorite snippet:

Whatever your Higher Banana is, it’ll make you cry a little. And that’s because it has the power to break your heart – business, love, life in general. It’s a silly shape for something we should have aspirations for and what do I care if you decide to call it your Higher Artichoke or Higher Hippogriff? It doesn’t matter a damn to me. What matters is that we bust our asses to reach it (because it’s higher than we might think), we open our hearts to everything that will bring it closer (because it’s never going to be a yellow brick road) and when we find it, we refuse to become complacent. We keep striving to fulfill our promise to the Higher Banana.

I took a look at where I was, what I was doing everyday and how happy it made me.  What I realized is that I had professionally backslid, I was bored to tears and I hated doing it.  So, I stuck my neck out and reached for a role that I thought maybe, JUST maybe, I could be a complete rockstar.  The look on the face of the guy in charge when I said I was interested was one I'll never forget.  The one on mine when they told me I was the front-runner hands-down was one I wish I had a picture of.  Moral of my story - don't be afraid to fail.

So, 2012 is coming.  I don't know if this blog will keep its theme of being where I try to find my happy place or if it will evolve from here.  But, I do know that I loved interacting with you all and sharing my ramblings.  I hope you keep checking in and throw down a comment or two to let me know you're out there.

Have a fantastic holiday!

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