Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm addicted

It's true.  There is yet to be a piece of vampire/supernatural/paranormal "trash" that I don't love.  
As in LOVE.

I will even admit that I've been in love with said paranormal trash since I was in junior high.  What's the draw, you ask?  

Pure.  Escape.

These are stories that are never going to happen, with super hot main men you're never going to meet and romance you know you're never going to have (if you do though, call me, let's have drinks and dish..).  They are as absolutely far from the day-to-day drama of your own life as you can get.  Men are heroes, but women kick butt.  There are no sniveling little wussy girls (well, outside of the Twilight series) to be found and even though you'll never find yourself having to make the "dead or undead" choice, you can appreciate the "Romeo and Juliet" feel of it all.

The hubs says I have a problem.  I call it a solution.  Now, if I could only figure out how to call the elements and get rid of these pesky demons.....oh, come one, how could I resist that one?!?

P.S. The four covers shown above are some of my favorite vampire/paranormal series'.  If you own a Kindle or a Nook, search for Amanda Hocking (Torn).  She sells all of her books for $.99 or $2.99 and they are fantastic!  The Sookie books (Charlaine Harris) are SO MUCH better than the True Blood series and House of Night (P.C. Cast) is the best teen series an adult junkie like myself could hope for. The Fever series (Karen Moning) is definitely rated R, but I'm flying through them at a rapid rate as we speak.

Do you have any favorites I should know about??


  1. I have a great vampire book called Vamped by David Sosnowski. It's a funny story about everyone in the world being a vampire and one of them 'adopts' a human girl. Hijinks ensue! Loved it.

  2. Thanks Sara! I'll check it out on my Nook over lunch. Loving your blog too btw - thanks for cruisin' over to mine!