Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She said what?!?

You probably won't believe it...I had a hard time believing it myself.  Someone that knows me better than I often know myself actually looked at me on Monday and said, "There just seems to be a calmer presence about you than I've ever seen."


We're talking about the super type-A, control-freak to the max. The chick who makes lists of the lists she needs to make. Who constantly worries about what everyone else is thinking about her, all the while being nominated for the office "best outburst" award because she can't keep her yap shut.

Sorry about the blurry image - I need to figure out this picture thing!

As odd as it sounds folks, she's right.  I wanted to refute every word but apparently my "Making the most of it" lifestyle is actually paying off.  I'm happy.  Joyful, even.

This same wise woman has been telling me for the last two years that I needed to start taking care of myself.  Not the dishes, not work, not clients, not the hubs, not the family.  Myself.  And every time I looked at her like she was nuts.  How was I supposed to possibly think about myself when hubs is laid off, the stress is mounting, work is crazy, there's bills to pay and no freaking way I could justify a nice Asian woman's $10 manicure, let alone a massage or a yoga class.

She was so right though.  Transfer some of the responsibility - people will surprise you when they actually pick up your slack - just tell them you're going to do it first.  You are the only one who thinks you are the only one who can do/handle something. (Well, except the finances, hubs is never going near the budget excel...)  You are also the only one denying yourself.  No offense guys, but ladies, when is the last time you saw a man deny himself anything? Another beer, another slice, one more hour of TV, a night out with the guys...let's be honest.  That is a woman thing, for sure.

The more I do for myself, the more I seem to like myself.  I have to imagine the people around me are liking me more too.  Well, at least enough to nominate me for something other than the "best outburst" award next year!

Do you have any secrets for relieving stress and staying happy?  I did just share my vampire addiction with you, so bring it. :)


  1. The best thing I did for myself after Colton was born was the 9 week class at Goals in Motion. It was MINE, all MINE. I wasn't Mom or wife...I was tough, dedicated and kicking butt all for me. It made me a better mom and wife; more present for the time I was with my family. I'm not in the class anymore but I still get my "me" time at the YMCA. Working out isn't something I always want to do, but sometimes just a break for walking on the tredmil while my son plays with other kids in the gym makes a HUGE difference on my outlook.
    Cooking is also an outlet. It's a hobby that my family can enjoy.
    PS-You're great :)

  2. Pretty sure you know some of the things that help me relieve stress--weekend lounging on the couch with Scott, time with my puppy, Farrell's workouts, reading, white chocolate mochas, and of course, catching up with friends. (We still need to set up another date night at Cosi!) And it's true, saying "no" and letting others take on part of the work really does lift a huge weight. I've gotten a lot better at doing it in my personal life--now it's time step it up at work!

    You're making great strides and I'm so happy you're finding those outlets for finding happiness.