Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm a know what I mean...

And I took my little turn on the catwalk!

Limited space = two of the same pose. 

Well, not quite, it was more like a turn in front of white butcher paper in the Raygun store - but it was a ton of fun all the same!  I worked with John, who was a super fun guy, and spent about 35 minutes "modeling" 9 different Raygun T-shirts (If you've never seen these - seriously, go to - you will end up wanting to buy many of them).

It was a tad awkward, because I ran out of interesting poses after about the third shirt, and I needed to stay essentially in one spot, and make sure you could still sort of read the shirt, so I was a bit limited in my motions.  Or so I thought!  After seeing Raygun's facebook page, I realized it didn't really matter what I did, it was more about having fun.  Hopefully, some day in the future I can convince them to let back in there again, and perhaps I'll have a drink or two beforehand  :) 

I never actually listed "modeling" on my bucket list, but being the ham that I am, there is nothing in the world I love more than having my picture taken.

Score one for making the most of it!

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