Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch out DeMo...he's coming!

I got some of THE BEST news this week - hubs and I's absolute favorite musician is coming back for a show in Des Moines in April.  That's right - Dick Prall and his band are back.  If you don't have plans April 23rd, you should be in the East Village at Club 504.  Heck, if you do have plans, change them! 

If you haven't heard of Dick Prall, that's a downright shame, but have no fear for I am here to educate you!  He once told me "I'm too pop for Indie, and too Indie for pop."  And he's right (duh...).  There's no label you can put on his sound, but it's infectious in the best possible sense of the word.  His music is what you turn on when you've hit the first 60 degree day of the season, you've slid back the sun roof and rolled down the windows.  You want to blare it from the speakers and sing along at the top of your lungs while the people at the stoplight next to you wonder what the hell you're bopping your head to. 

But, even more than that, you will love the lyrics.  They aren't nonsensical ramblings just designed to fit the beat (which is what hooked hubs).  Every word can mean something.  You might not take out of it what he wrote it to be, but that's the amazing part.  I hate being told what the song is actually written about.  I want to listen to it, absorb it, and make it my own.  Whether it's a more pop-sounding "Barely Moving" or the romantic "Honore" - the lyrics are always something that if you wanted to , you could really dig into and think about. 

I've thrown a few videos in below - one from the year we had Dick play solo in our backyard at our annual Memorial party and another from a recent impromptu show in a Des Moines local's basement (which hubs and I missed - I'm still kicking myself for that one).  The first snippet of a song (Barely Moving) is a favorite of mine and the second (Little Holes) is from Dick's newest EP - Inc.  Do your diligence and check out his MySpace page and website to hear more.  I have all of his CDs and there's not one I don't love.  I hope I see you at the show!

Barely Moving

Little Holes


  1. Wait....You had Dick Prall perform in your Back Yard????That is AMAZINGLY Awesome!!!!
    Have you ever checked out the site ??I have a feeling if you haven't you will LURVES it!! God you are so lucky!

  2. It was one of the cooler experiences I've had! I'll check out that url and let you know my thoughts!