Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gettin' my head on straight

So, in my last few posts, I've referenced the fact that I just haven't been feeling "with it" the past six weeks or so.  Things just weren't gelling in my life and I couldn't put my finger on exactly what the issue was.  I talked to a few friends, my wise woman and hubs, and didn't find much help.  Then, I got sneaky smart, and started rereading my old posts.  Who better to tell me what my problem is than me!  Shockingly enough - it worked!

The real difference-maker was this post, which reminded me of exactly where I was toward the beginning of this year, and why I'd found myself so comfortable and happy there.  I had stopped focusing on what might be wrong and started focusing on what I knew was right. So, in an effort to replicate that, I've spent the last few weeks really refocusing myself and finding those little bits of happiness.

First, I just stopped doing yoga every day.  Something that precious to me should not be something I loathe.  I've come to the realization that nothing in my life can be required every single day.  It is a box I cannot check, and if I make myself, I will only resent it.  So, I've gone back to twice a week (one being my class on Saturday mornings) and I am officially back in love.  It's become relaxing and rejuvenating once again.  And for your information, last week I came THIS CLOSE to pulling off crow's going to happen soon people...I'm telling you!  Next time you see this picture, I will be the model.

Second, I've signed up for Self Magazine's annual challenge.  I decided to this primarily because I wanted to try their meal plan and change things up in my daily diet.  Overall, I'm generally a healthy eater, but I was working out all the time and not getting anywhere, which made me realize it had to be my diet.  Now, I'm using meal planning, which is FANTASTIC.  I spend an hour each week planning literally every meal, I buy about $60 in groceries (lots of produce!) and I'm all set.  I adore not having to ask hubs every night, "So, what do you want for dinner"? I also have transferred my workout loathing to the SELF challenge workout.  It is kicking my butt, but I'm already seeing results and I'm in week three.

I have to say though, what I'm most proud of myself for is the fact that I'm not beating myself up if I blow the diet (yesterday's afternoon brownie at the office...YUM) or miss a workout (I for sure slept through my 4:45am wake-up call this morning).  I'm trying to create a lifestyle and life doesn't allow for perfection so I shouldn't expect it from myself.  Big words for a type-A crazy chick, I know, but I'm giving it a shot!

If you have any suggestions on how you made being healthy a priority - without driving yourself insane - I would love to hear them!

Stay tuned...I've got a DIY project I'm pretty darn proud of coming to fruition in the next few weeks and a big trip planned for the beginning of May.  Good times ahead!

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