Thursday, April 7, 2011

A whole new meaning to "R&R"

In true "Making the most of it" fashion, I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work.  Why you ask?  Well, not to sit at home and be a bum!  My girl Cera let me know via Facebook a few weeks back that she would be home on leave from Afghanistan and Tuesday was her 29th birthday!  So, of course, hubs and I took off for CR first thing Tuesday morning.

Birthday = cuteness.  Always.

What she didn't know however, was that her hubs (who was also deployed and going to be home on leave) had planned a crazy surprise day for her.  We started off with lunch with the ladies, then had mani/pedis, and finally he took her to a fancypants dinner while the rest of us decorated and set up for her surprise party at her fav bar. 

Not only was she shocked to see us, but also to see her favorite local band set up and ready to rock in the corner!  Of course, her and I started the night off right - with shots of red-headed, ahem, ladies.

It was a priceless to get to spend some time with her, I feel like she's been gone forever, and just four more months and she'll be home for good!  Huah!

The hubs'

Got to have one of the three college besties.  And, as always, hubs has to make it interesting!

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