Monday, April 4, 2011

Latte Ninja!

Hubs and I decided to make the ultimate splurge last week and I had to show off my new latte ninja - the Tassimo!

This bad mamajama not only brews coffee (like a Keurig) but even better - it makes lattes, cappuccinos and chai!  Before this little man came in to my life, the only way I got a latte was if I paid for it or hubs got up early enough to make one for me.  Our current latte-making capabilities are beyond my reach - there's all kinds of math involved to make sure the water to steam to espresso ratios were all correct.  So, in anticipation of hubs hopefully going back to work soon, and the FANTASTIC deal I got for being a Nook owner, we are the proud owners of one super-crazy-smart breakfast-enhancing machine.

Not only did we get a deal on the machine, we got free shipping and two free sets of Tassimo T-discs!

Hooooollllllaaaaa for the caramel machiatto baby!  This girl is living the caffeinated life!

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