Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Have yourself a merry little Christmas....

I'm still in shock that Christmas is a mere four days away - three and a half if you really count it out! Yes, I'm finished with my shopping, no, I'm nowhere near finished with my wrapping and we're making the trek all over the metro and South East Iowa to get to all the fam. 

This is the first Christmas in quite a few years that I've really been in to it.  To the music, the lights, the shopping...it's all been a lot more fun.  I didn't really realize why until just a few days ago - I finally understand the real reason for the season.  (hint...it isn't the gifts or my mom's peanut butter rice krispy bars - though punches are usually thrown when the pan gets close to empty)  The music actually means something and the festivities are for more than just another way to get us all to spend more dough.  

Do those kind of thoughts ever sneak up on you?

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  1. Yes, they do! And it's both surpising and pleasing when they do. I've had some trouble getting into the spirit of everything since it will be the first Christmas I haven't spent with family, but I'm trying hard to make the most of it!