Friday, December 31, 2010

My hit list

The first big challenge of any to-do list is just sitting down and making the list.  Lucky for you, I'm an expert, here goes...below is the list of all of the things that I want to do in my life right now.  Some of them are big, some of them are small...heck, some of them are just a little silly.  But, they are all tied to my soul in some random little way.  This list will grow I'm sure, and as it grows, hopefully it will shrink at the same time.  These things are more about "today" and less about "someday," but there are a few "someday" moments thrown in there too - a girl has to dream, right?

My hit list (in no particular order):
  • Reupholster a piece of furniture
  • Go to Ireland
  • Run another 5k
  • Take actual yoga classes (doing this in January!)
  • Get a reiki massage
  • Join a small group from church
  • Volunteer at the ARL
  • Take an adult/ballroom dance class (anyone want to place bets on if the hubs can be convinced to join??)
  • Have fresh flowers in my house consistently
  • Own a classic dress from a nice store
  • Buy a real painting from a real artist
  • Read more poetry 
  • Volunteer to read to kids (anyone have a line on where I could that?)
  • Be able to truly forgive (a person who shall remain nameless here)
  • Knit something - a hat, a scarf, a christmas stocking...something
  • DIY an entire room in my house
  • Have a true girls weekend (or even a night)
  • Have consistent dates, by myself 
  • Begin journaling again
  • Have consistent dates, with my husband
  • Read a book on modern etiquette - and act on it (who buys hostess gifts anymore, anyway?)
  • Pay off our credit cards
  • Eat a vegetable every night with dinner
  • Not eat fast food for an entire month (this one starts in January!)
  • Read the new testament of the Bible
  • Connect with the family we have in Des Moines more often
  • Read books considered "classics"
  • Stop swearing (I've been working on this one...much harder than I imagined)
  • Visit Australia
  • See New York City in December (I love Christmas lights)
  • See the Nutcracker
  • Go to a ballet
  • Go horseback riding
  • Read alllllll day at a bookstore
  • Volunteer somewhere locally
  • Take an art class and learn how to do something
  • Find ways to include random acts of kindness into my daily life
I will keep referring back to this list, and actually have a plan to start checking some of them off starting in January.  Some of these are a process and some of them are a one-time deal so I'll try to pick a few to work on at once to keep things interesting.  Given where the current economy has landed our family, we're working on one income, which means some of these goals will be easier to accomplish than others.  More to come...but in the mean time, let me know if there are any you are interested to hear about or if you have a line on how I could accomplish one of these goals - let me know! 

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