Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am me.

A friend recently told me that reading this blog is like I am allowing her into my journal.  Oddly enough, I am ok with that, because too often I think that we all try to handle life all on our own.  We think that everyone else's life is so perfect and ours is the only one that self-destructs.  I hope my honesty is cathartic and you feel a little less alone as I share my story.

I used to write poetry.  I filled books and books with it.  Today, it struck me that though I haven't written in years, I wanted to.  Below is what flowed out as fast as I could log the words.

Because today I really miss the ocean

I am me.

Sometimes, I am me.
I am bold, I am fierce - You cannot stop me.
And sometimes, I am me.
I am afraid, I am a coward – I run.

Two halves of a whole
That isn’t quite defined
That perilously balances
The whole world on her shoulders
All the while, tossing it around
Like a beach ball in the surf

We are friends
We are enemies
I put all my trust in an unknown power
So that I don’t lose me to myself.


  1. I have re-read this thing probably a dozen times since you wrote it.....The first verse cuts to the very core of our human being...Thank you for posting it, oh and I posted it on my FB profile, so now you are famous.lol

  2. Thanks Mike! I appreciate the instant fame :) I'm hoping more poetry comes back to me as I keep writing. It frees me in the most amazing ways - I'm really glad it home for you too.