Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm a clipper

Being the frugal nerd that I am, I spent the first hour of my morning drinking hot tea and clipping coupons.  I went through the last two Sunday's newspapers clipping only things we already buy, then compared prices in the ads between Target, Walmart and Walgreens.  I made my list, organized the coupons by store section (actually a first for me), and drug a hung-over hubs to Target.  

Now, the key to coupon-clipping is to:
a) only clip for things you would already buy, otherwise you're just spending more than normal
b) pay special attention to if you have to buy two of something to get the discount (that often makes it not worth the hassle)
c) wait until you've gotten your Sunday paper so that you can get the best deals. Generally, the items you find coupons for will be on sale in the stores that week.
d) if you find that Target is having the best deals, also check for special in-store coupons.  They allow you to use their coupon and the manufacturer coupon at the same time.  Today I got two boxes of Nabisco crackers for $2 because they were on sale in the store, I had a Target coupon and a Nabisco coupon.

Just a side note, I have actually found Target to be much cheaper in general than Hy-Vee.  And their Archer Farms brands are much better "generics" than the Hy-Vee brands.

So, the final savings ended up to be awesome -

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


  1. In all fairness it should be stated that when using coupons/sales you aren't actually "saving" money, just spending less (which is always good too), but if you actually put the money you "saved" in to a savings account, then you would be saving money...

  2. That's a fair point! The way we work our budget, I allot a certain amount for groceries every month and if we don't spend it all, then it goes into our savings account. So, I should have stated that.

  3. That's fantastic! Wish everyone understood the concept, I hate when stores say they are saving you money but you're really just spending less which leads people to buy more cause they think they have "saved" the money...good for you for saving the money you don't spend!